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If you’re brand new to Linux, these sections cover the basics to get you started.

Linux Installation

  1. Quickly Create CentOS 7 Installation Media
  2. How To Install CentOS 7

Linux Basics

  1. If You’re Brand New To Linux, Start With These 4 Simple Commands
  2. The 3-Piece Anatomy of Linux Commands
  3. Basic Linux File Commands
  4. Basic Linux File Command Options
  5. Navigating the Linux File System via CLI
  6. Understanding Basic Linux Permissions

Linux Plaintext Editing

  1. How to Edit Plaintext Files with Vim

Linux Next Steps

  1. Modifying Linux Users and Groups with Commands


Once you understand the “Linux” sections, you should be able to install services in whichever order you’d like.


  1. 3 Linux Terminals for Windows
  2. How to Install an SSH Server on CentOS 7