What is FOSSnotes?

Your Quick Notes for Getting Services Running

Founded in 2019, FOSSnotes.com aims to be a resource for small business Windows system admins with little or no experience with FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). This site is dedicated to helping those who need to (1) create an alternative production infrastructure solution or (2) learn how to adopt various FOSS technologies in the workplace.


Finding a New Hobby

To this day, I still remember how I discovered Linux (around 2008): I was on a forum, troubleshooting yet another Windows BSOD error, and a post sarcastically recommended installing Linux as a free “fix” to the problem. Paired with my curiosity, that was enough for me to find the Ubuntu distro – From then on, I was hooked.

Years later, while considering what new career path I wanted to take, there was a lot of buzz around Cyber Security; as a result, I thought it was a good idea to attend college for InfoSec. I figured that I was already interested in computers, so I might as well get my degree in it – so I did.

As interesting as InfoSec was, I was still using my free time trying out various Linux distros and hypervisors along with discovering and using other Open Source technologies – I find that I prefer the accessibility and community surrounding FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). As such, when presented with a problem, project, or goal, one of my favorite tasks is applying open source technology in lieu of more common, proprietary solutions. Little did I know where this would take me…


From Interest to Interview

In 2014, while searching for my first tech job, my enthusiasm for Linux was enough to secure an entry level role as a LAMP-stack admin. Since then, my career has led me from coast to coast in the United States, including Silicon Valley. The experience has provided me the opportunity to use Open Source software in various tech fields: systems administration, desktop support, security, and dev/ops. I’m still a Linux admin today.

On the job, from time to time, there are colleagues of mine who will ask me to help them understand how to work with Linux or FOSS. I’ve always enjoyed explaining various Open Source technologies; so, it seems natural to start this blog to help further.


Giving Back

Eventually, I’d like to support open source developers in some revolutionary way. Right now, I’m not sure what that looks like; but, I figure that helping others utilize FOSS will promote open source software… and that’s a start.

– Gemini