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How to Install an SSH Server on CentOS 7

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If you had to talk to several people all over the country, it would be inconvenient to physically be there for each conversation; instead, you might call them - much more practical. The same goes for servers. If you have many servers, it wouldn’t make sense to log in to each of them locally - You would need to physically be there with all the peripherals. So, what alternative do you have?

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How to Install CentOS 7

Do you remember the Windows BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) errors? I do. Now, while I don’t recall the exact date, I do remember why I installed Linux the first time. I was reading through a forum post, researching yet another Windows BSOD error. Sarcastically, someone posted that the solution was to remove Windows entirely and install Linux. The comment wasn’t serious; nevertheless, I was curious…

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Quickly Create CentOS 7 Installation Media

This post will explain the simplest method I know for creating the CentOS 7 Linux Distribution installation media. Years ago, I remember reading other posts about how to create installation media. They were often complex and required advanced prerequisite knowledge, which meant additional research for me. I found myself clicking several links and had many browser tabs open to accomplish something simple: creating installation media for Linux.

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